Friday, July 13, 2012

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hand for Hope-Agriculture Activities.

Our work has been innovative in inspiring young people around Liberia with the minimum resources we obtain. We believed the best way in which we can offer assistance to the poor is to lead the potential ones into a sustainable empowerment, especially agriculture venture. It is realistic that many of the young people we work in Liberia are uneducated, but we provide the few who are little bit letter with the training while the others become apprentice to the agriculture venture through our support. 

 The work of Guardian Care started through sponsorship program toward kids and widows, but we gradually develop new strategies in Our Projects as we started extending, and meeting more people who are in need of aid.  We believed donating food to villages, children, school, towns, youth and women etc without producing food was something unsustainable and at such the future of these villagers, youth, women and their Children could be at risk after we leave with our untenable aid.
 From this judgment we understand the poor especially, The Villages, Youth, and Women in need can become Self supporters and earners when they are facilitated into farming activities.We launched the Hand For Hope Program, which is Specially designed to Undertake project forcing on Sustainable development.

 Guardian Care started Encouraging Young people in the farming venture under our Hands For Hop Program.  We donate Vegetable crops, and give input to Young people and many of was success in making some earning for themselves. Growing Crops In Liberia is something that has a very big advantage due to the available has. Especially In Bomi County and Rivercess, there is Lot of Available land that Young people can get started with a farming venture Like this. Our farming venture is securing women youth and their family, and from this Project under the hand For Hope, all of them who was successful in the crop growing to harvest are able to get food, some of them are able to send their Kids to school and get to pay their house rent, and be able to buy Safe drinking water for their home.

 Corn and sweet potatoes are expensive crops in Liberia, especially for the potatoes Liberian do not actually depend on the potatoes alone, we eat both the grain (leaves) and the sweet potatoes. One could earn about 40USD a Month From a 20ftX20ft Flat beg of sweet Photos garden like this depending on harvest ever two weeks.  The sweet potoes are fast growing especially the leaves.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Volunteer menbers

Members of the ministry team - posted after our teaching and preaching to the villagers
Woman and children sit and listen to the message of God.
In here there are no seats for the people, but they don't mind  sitting on the ground to listen to what God has for them.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Blind Couples' Child

Mohammed and Musu Tulay are a blind couple who have one child, Eric.

Eric's father Mohammed who is blind
Mohammed is counted among the disabled, who  we are seeking help for. Both Mohammed and Musu are Christians, their son Erick was born on March 3, 2010. Eric's parents brought him to us to see if we can find a way to support them, and in the hope that with support Eric might have a better future.  Neither of his parents is able to work, as they are both blind.  Thier house roof has been badly damaged, with rain coming through the roof, which is a big problem in the raining season - as the house does not stay dry. 

Eric standing in front of his mother enjoying
having his photo taken

Please pray with this family and little Eric's future. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Widows and Their needs

The widows, who are crying out for help, they need our help so much. These are women who God wants Christians look after, as he tells us James 1:27?.God want us care for them in their old age. As we spread our outreach in the rural part of Liberia, we have come across hundreds of women like these. My (Abel's) heart aches with pain for these women. Preaching to these hungry women without finding them something to eat.

Our Mission team documenting the names and
The work Of God do not Have Limitation,we Reach out to house that have not Been reached. some of these women do not have the strength to walk, we make it our duties to reach them in their homes from village to village and town to town in the bushes.we pray with them,we give them spiritual comfort and healing. In the Photos above is Abel writing the name of those women who have give their lives to Jesus,and sharing their prayer request.
needs of the widows Who had been sharing their prayers needs with us .

Widows listen to the teaching of the team
Hundreds of women gather to listen To Out teaching, telling them about repentance and being Born again. may Of These women do Not Know their way To Jesus, some of them do Not know their way to Christ many Do not speak English. Hundreds Of them do Not Have Bibles.the above photos was taken During Our small work worship in Rivercess.
In This Building there are no seats to serve the number of people we were receiving,but as those women was encourage from our message. these widow have many prayers need and we are creating awareness to you for your support toward these hungry widows.

Serious Concern Over Childrens' Living Conditions

One of the childrens' greatest needs is that of clothing. A huge number among the hundreds of kids we met lack clothes. This is how many of the children look like. As we move around form village to village, we see kids without clothes. They lack shoes, clothes, hygene and medication. This is one of the major factors that cause the children to pick up disease and malaria. We are praying for support to meet the needs of these kids no matter how many they are.

This is how many of the children look throughout the villages. When you move around you will see many of the kids without clothes because they have none. You will see some children wearing a shirt but no pants while others will wear a shirt and pants but no shoes.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Post of the Children

These children a re many in number,and their need can not be handle by on person or a single family. we created this blog to carry out the awareness to you all for you support toward. there
are many need that need to be meat and,they need education,medications,food and wearing. we pray and ask you to make a donation toward the program here in Liberia
Many family who do not have the hand to support their kids or unable to feed them on a daily basic,and provide them medication righter send them to school are coming to appeal to the GUARDIAN FUNDING INC... they are appealing for their Kid to be help. They have admitted the suffering they are Going through, Like this, she is old and she have her grand child who father is unknowing and the child stays with,but her she is appealing for support to for her child to join the orphans and the widow program.